Best Hear (Personal Sound Amplifier, AA version)

Product: Stereo Personal Sound Amplifier with 3-Position Frequency Selector, Best Hear, BH2016A

Features the latest state-of-the-art SMT microelectronics for crystal clear stereo amplification. Comply with the American with Disabilities Act (ADA), MDS and CMS.



  • Volume control wheel permits easy volume adjustment.
  • 3-Position frequency switch allows user to enhance desired frequency range.
  • Provides up to 50+ dB of ambient sound gain.
  • Unobtrusive stereo type earphones feature matched output drivers to deliver clear, crisp sound.
  • Convenient Belt Clip.
  • Lighted “On/Off” button.
  • Application: Ideal for Watching TV, Improved hearings at worship service, lecture or meeting, or simply for gaining more enjoyment from simple conversation.
  • Power: 2xAA alkaline battery, included